BROWS baby

Brows Baby is a Sydney based eyebrow business specialising in eyebrow styling and feather touch tattooing by eyebrow guru Diana Schofield.


Described by those in the know as an 'instant eye lift', your personal brow styling session with Diana includes a detailed style consultation, followed by a gentle hot wax to give shape and remove the vast majority of excess hair. Once an outline of the desired shape has been achieved, Diana will expertly tweeze your brows to suit your individual face shape and features - and if necessary - darkened or lightened to suit your skin tone and hair colour. A soothing eye cream and touch-up make-up will also be applied before you head out the door.

Brow styling lasts four to six weeks.

20 minutes


Want highly defined, yet natural-looking brows which last month after month? Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing is the latest technique which can give you exactly that, even if your own brows feature scars, are poorly shaped, or have been left sparse from over-plucking.

During the procedure, delicate individual hairs (which mimic real brow hairs) are meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair, creating a softly feathered effect.

Lasts up to two years.

90 minutes 


Put away the eyelash curler! Our lash lift service will deliver knock-out lashes that curl on for miles - even after showering and swimming. During the appointment, Diana will curl your eyelashes, before applying a long-lasting lifting solution formulated for the sensitive eye area. Once the lift is complete, a conditioning treatment will ensure your lashes are nourished before finishing with an eyelash tint.

Lash lift lasts up to 12 weeks.

40 minutes


The service for ladies who want that 'just fell out of bed looking like a supermodel' look, but would rather avoid the hassle of putting on mascara every morning. Lash tinting adds natural definition which not only makes lashes look longer, but "opens up" the eyes and makes them look larger (and more striking).

During the appointment, lashes are coloured with a gentle dye formulated for the sensitive eye area, which is then followed with a soothing eye cream and touch-up make-up.

Tint lasts up to four weeks.

15 minutes


Say farewell to unwanted facial hair by whispering hello to the gentlest of gentle hot waxes, which Diana will carefully apply to the desired area, before tweezing to ensure every tiny hair is removed. Waxing is followed by a soothing cream and touch-up make-up.

While the lip area is the most popular choice, chins, foreheads and sides can also be waxed - a process that not only lasts four gloriously hair-free weeks, but ensures that the hair that does grow  back is sparser.

5 minutes per area